Property auctions plummet, more homes give prices, and supply continues to boom

Date 14 Jun 2022

Property auctions are becoming less popular and more homes are displaying prices as the shift continues towards a buyers’ market, according to figures from number of auction listing has dropped by over a third (34.3%), while the number of listings that display prices has increased by a quarter, according to figures from 

 Meanwhile, the numbers of homes on the market increased 78% year-on-year last month, meaning more choice for spokesperson Vanessa Williams said negotiation listings had also become more popular among sellers. 

The shift in selling method reflected buyers feeling less urgency to purchase.“This decrease in auction listings suggests that sellers and agents are adjusting their sales strategies to meet the cooling market,” said Williams.The popularity of auctions had increased over the last five years, and boomed under Covid-19, peaking in October. 

 House prices are widely acknowledged to have been driven during the pandemic by record-low interest rates and the relaxation of loan-to-value ratio restrictions resulted in a market which some experts have said was more driven by FOMO (fear of missing out) and not by market fundamentals, such as supply and demand.“Auctions harness the power of competition and offer a transparent sale method, particularly when property is in high demand,” said Williams. 

 “But when there is less competition, for example, when stock levels increase, auctions tend to be less appealing for sellers as they have less control than in a negotiation.”Williams said the data suggested a “balancing in the market”.“Covid-19 brought us uncertainty and a property market full of record-breaking prices and stock levels.“The market looks to be steadying–which will mean more predictability for buyers and sellers alike.” 

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Property auctions plummet, more homes give prices, and supply continues to boom